Radio Pachuco showreel 2017 showing, broadly, what it is we do!


Radio Pachuco playing the Cantina Theme from Star Wars (1977) at Whistlebinkies (June 2016).

Playing here with Charlotte Kate shortly after recording for her album “Oprhic”. Was a fantastic atmosphere at this gig with the track “Hear you” (which isn’t on Youtube, to my annoyance!) was of those “Magic moments” I spent my career seeking.

Easily my favourite of the Kung Fu Academy promotional videos, we filmed this on a particularly cold morning at Bangour Village Hospital in Livingston. We had decided to all wear our “Joy Division” winter jackets for the shoot to give us some much needed visual continuity, but Duncan appears to have missed the memo. The recording has a great “floatiness” about it due to the plethora of guitar quad-tracks. While this track would gain much more gravity and groove live, there’s a very whimsical optimism about the track which nicely contrasts and emphasises the rather bleak lyrics.

We made this video after many of the reviews and radio features for EP singled out this track. The concept for the video was to parody the film noir genre (of which I was going through a rather intense phase of discovering) and also to pay tribute to our old university campus at Craighouse before it was closed down for good. I feel we managed to achieve both and I have very fond memories of this shoot, even if all of us ended up covered in bruises and cuts at the end of it. Interestingly we’ve never played this track live since we recorded it, although it was gigged a fair bit at the end of last year.

Can’t remember exactly why I didn’t play guitar in this but the mix doesn’t seem to miss me! Besides the horror of my hair, this a pretty fun video that really gave us a lot of exposure when it came out, even if people did mistake us for a Duran Duran cover band for a bit! Once again, this track took on a whole other – much groovier – life live.

Jammed solo on “Rio Funk” with the incredible rhythm section of Danny Robinson and Alasdair McLachlan.

Recording the solo for “Mjölnir” from my 2014 demo recording of Synæsthesiattack. This was a little tribute to ’70s Jeff Beck with some unintentional Deep Purple thrown in!

Acoustic video with Radio Pachuco., recorded with the camera mic so the guitar sounds a bit trebly but does the job!