Playing with Andromeda Turre's production Kiss Me in 2014.


 “One of the most fortunate moments of my career was hiring Bobby Osborne as the guitarist for my band. His skill and professionalism go without saying, but he offers so much more than his expertise. He has the unique ability to make my original music come alive both with his innovative ideas and his ability to take direction. He is true gem to work with.”

Andromeda Turee

“Your playing…shows taste and experience way beyond someone of your age.”

Cam Nesbit:  TV Composer/Professional Musician

“He is extremely professional in his attitude and approach…plays sensitively and sympathetically. He has…a keen awareness of style and musicianship in his playing and in his approach to the job.”

Jan Cunningham: MD Falkirk Youth Theatre

“I’m a big fan of your playing, your attention to detail, your band and now your compositions too. And it’s been brilliant to see your progression over the years…to how good you now are”

David Burke: Professional Musician/Music Educator


Praise For My Guitar Playing On Super 8 Flashback:

“Beautiful, well crafted guitar tones…the guitar tones are so beautiful. Please hold while I play my air guitar along with the solo in Warpaint… Awesomesauce.”


“It’s a juxtaposition of dirty, gritty guitars and smooth funk well beyond the band’s years, like a combination of your dad’s record collection and the sort of stuff you’ll find on an up-to-date NME mix-tape.”

The Edinburgh Reporter

“…a wall of clean, heavy guitar strokes that would make you dribble if you lacked the self control.”


“…underpinned by limpid guitar. The guitar solo [by Bobby Osborne] is its best part.”

Penny Black Music

“The work done here is quite remarkable. Super 8 Flashback boasts a clean, crisp, and full-bodied vintage sound that rekindles a now-bygone golden era of DIY guitar-music.”

Jam Sphere

 “…howling guitar action at the end, it’s clear that this band have got skills. The track once again elevates itself with the prowess of the artist [Bobby Osborne] playing the guitar solo with so much skill.”

7 Bit Arcade

Warpaint is very melodic and harmonic, that slowly builds to its climax with Bobby Osborne’s beautiful guitar work. It is this guitar work that feels like a true homage to Jimi Hendrix. It is a sea drifting tune, that you can listen to again and again.”

Secret Sounds

“Consisting of four Edinburgh Napier University music students…the band got a great reception, producing some inspiring solos.”

The Edinburgh Reporter